This could solve my book storage issue…

24 Jun

This has been out for a while. When I first saw it advertised, I just dismissed it. However, I looked into it a little bit more and am kind of impressed…

amazon-kindle-1, originally uploaded by

Amazon has created the Kindle, a hand-held book reader. Similar to the iPod, it’s portable and you can search for e-books on which is sent to your Kindle. Unlike the iPod, you don’t have to be near a computer to find the books or load them to the Kindle. It uses the same technology as cell phones. So you can be in an airport, on a lake, in France, in your bathroom…and you can find, order, and read books.

I love this idea because when I travel I don’t always know which books I want to have with me. I also love that the Kindle doesn’t have glare and eye strain issues like a pc would. Plus, since I am an avid reader and lover of books, it would save some space in the house. No more books waiting for me to clear out a spot for them.

However, there’s still something about a book. From the smell to the feel, there’s something about holding and reading an actual book. And, while the selection of books is rather large, there are still a lot of crafting books unavailable. Also, Amazon markets that you can get newspapers, magazines, and blogs on your Kindle (for a monthly fee), but the ones I read are not on the list. That’s where the iPhone could come in handy.

Also, it’s really expensive. You have to understand that Jason and I didn’t even have mp3 players until last year. So, we tend to be slow on the technology bandwagon. I figure that I’ll wait until a company (most likely Apple) comes up with a wireless phone – computer – tv – mp3 player – ebook reader – camera – video recorder – voice recorder – organizer – goes to the grocery store for you – easy to use item. Then, we’ll wait until the market becomes oversaturated and you can get one for under $100. Then we’ll buy it.

I know that Sony has a book reader, probably some other companies do too. I’m definitly not an expert on anything…especially technology. So feel free to leave your comments explaining differences, pros, cons, etc.

Check it out here!


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