My favorite quote from Eli Stone

11 Mar

Just wanted to pop in real quick and share something inspiring. J and I have been watching tv shows through Netflix, some instantly and some on DVD. Lately I’ve been watching a bunch of older shows (or older episodes) that I never watched while they were on tv. We’ve watched Pushing Daisies, which I adore and am so sad that I found it so late.

Another show we started watching is Eli Stone. I’ve watched four episodes and really enjoy it so far. Plus, I love Jonny Lee Miller ever since I saw him in Mansfield Park.

The show is about a guy who starts having hallucinations that are really visions pushing him towards paths that help others while he learns more about himself and his relationships with those around him. Meanwhile, those decisions make him look like a certified quack and strain his relationship with his employers and his fiance.

The first episodes deals with him learning about this new-found gift. Eli’s friend, Dr. Chen is convinced that Eli is meant to be some sort of prophet, saying that God has called a prophet in every generation. Here’s how the rest of that conversation goes:

Eli: The difference between those guys and me is – I don’t believe in God.

Dr. Chen: Sure you do. You believe in right and wrong. You believe in justice, in fairness. And, you believe in love. All those things – they’re God, Eli. And, that [pointing to a sunset] – that’s God, too.

Of course, I understand that many people have different and opposing views on what God is. After all, there are a billion and one religions devoted to this god and that god. And, I also understand that line was written from a secular, neutral point of view so every person, no matter his or her faith, could walk away appreciating the quote and not finding any offense with it.

But, I’m going to speak from my point of view. As a believer in Christ, I do agree that God is love, just, and fair, among many other good attributes. After all, God is good. And what I love is that Dr. Chen associated a sunset with God. I thank God for sunsets all the time.

Furthermore, as I strive to be a better and more confident artist, I am reminded of the True Artist, Yahweh. I can paint canvases, make cards, draw dolls, and scrapbook my history. And, while I’m proud of my masterpiece, I can only say that it is, at best, a fair imitation of the true masterpiece that surrounds me – God’s creation.

Take, for instance, the sunset. Dr. Chen was right saying that a sunset is God because God created that sunset. No man or woman or child can claim ownership to that marvelous masterpiece. How marvelous that He would take a moment during the creation of this world to paint a sunset that you and I can enjoy often – a sunset that is different every single day.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1


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