Giveaway at Keeper of the Home

16 Mar

Stephanie at Keeper of the Home is giving away a package of Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap. Check it out here and also read her review.

I’m definitely very interested in this product and will most likely try it out at our house. My hubby, J, has sensitive skin so I have to be careful what kind of detergent I use. He also has problems with sweating, usually when he’s nervous, so I have to combat stinky underarm stains. Yuck. To top it off, I have an extremely sensitive nose. J says that he’s going to take me hunting because he’s convinced I could scope out a deer. Okay, so maybe my sense of smell isn’t that good, but it’s definitely better than average.

This means that I smell a lot of things that other people don’t. And, that includes stains and odors that commercial deodorants aren’t getting to, only covering up. It seems I have the hardest time with knits and cotton t-shirts. Everything else does fine. At least I think it does fine. We have tried detergent after detergent, and right now we spend a lot of money using Tide. Seems to be the only thing that works.

I appreciate that Tide is concentrated, so I waste less packaging. But I still don’t feel like it gets the job done completely, short of me getting a good ‘ol fashioned washboard and scrubbing away. Also, I’m not comfortable using something that, though they’ve made attempts to create something better for the environment, is still not all that good for the environment.

We are attempting to get rid of toxins in our house, and as we make a list of all things that eventually need to replaced, detergent is one of them.

After reading Stephanie’s review, I’m excited about this new possibility. We could get the same amount of loads done (we use cold water) for a lot less. To me, that seems like a good idea.


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