Menu Plan Monday: June 28-July 4

29 Jun

This week will be an interesting week for me. Due to an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in my body, I’m starting a Candida diet. This means no sugar, no dairy, and no yeast. Some people follow this diet for the rest of their life, but I will not be. I plan on doing this for a few months as I starve the candida bacteria. Then I will slowly reintroduce sugar in more natural forms (honey, fruits) rather than white and brown sugar. I’ll also start adding in dairy products that are homemade as much as possible, such as kefir milk and cream using low-pasterized milk (since I can’t legally buy raw milk in the state of Mississippi). I’ll also explore other flours such as spelt flour and brown rice flour.

In the meantime, this means a lot of veggies and soups. The point is that you starve the bacteria, meanwhile creating a lifestyle change where you do not “crave” sugary items. This is not a quick fix diet that once you achieve a goal you go back to eating junk. Once my candida symptoms are gone (which will take some time) I will introduce new foods one at a time. If my symptoms return, then I’ll know that I just have to avoid that food completely.

Here’s what I’m eating this week:

Monday: Carrot and Celery soup, Scrambled eggs

Tuesday: Mexican Chicken soup

Wednesday: Leftover soup (nothing that is older than two days)

Thursday: Veggie soup (made from a bunch of veggies like green beans, corn, and squash) with shredded chicken added in for protein

Friday: Roasted root vegetable soup

Saturday: Salad with shredded chicken

Sunday: 4th of July cookout with family; most likely the standard burgers and chips. This will be a difficult day for me to find something appropriate to eat.

My husband doesn’t need to do this diet, so I have homemade whole-wheat bread and sandwich supplies on hand for him to eat in addition to the soup and salad. He also plans on making some homemade deer jerky to snack on.

It’s Menu Plan Monday over at I’m an Organizing Junkie!


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